Why Sikkanam?

The name means 'thrifty' in Tamizh. Oh! you mean why start this blog?

There are multiple reasons but It can best be summed up this way. I read an interesting interview of Kunal Shah here. He says that he is building for the 1% because the remaining 99% don't have anything to spend.

I respectfully disagree. Such an approach will only increase income-inequality.

I want to reduce inequality. If the per-capita-income of the country improves, so will the quality-of-life improve for everyone (including mine).

This is my attempt at bettering the lives of the people around me. I've noticed that preaching doesn't work, so I decided to start a blog.

This means that content around here will be mostly geared at beginners. If you are already financially well-off, you probably won't have much to read here, except re-affirm that you're on the right path.

Financial advice for the most part, doesn't change. When one gets tired of waiting, we start to look for shortcuts. Get-rich-quick schemes are dime-a-dozen. If it was Nigerian princes waiting to give you money 10 years ago, it is Crypto schemes today. I also notice a lot of financial influencers peddling shite advice and gullible people gobbling them up.

Also another major reason to start this blog is Rajesh. Rajesh keeps calling me and asking me how to invest his money. I want to create a FAQ and a flow-chart and put it up on this site so that I can keep sending it to him every-time he does this.

So most of the advice around here will be a repetition of the following:

  1. Clear all loans having an interest rate more than inflation
  2. Save a fixed percentage (%) of income for a rainy day (retirement, emergency, future expenses)
  3. Invest 50% of the money you save in step (2) in fixed deposits and the remaining 50% in an Index Fund. Automate this so that you won't get the chance to spend it.

Why should someone listen to me?

  • I've studied Finance at Indian Institute of Management, Trichy.
  • I've lend to fortune 500 companies for a living. I make sure they manage their money well. It inspired the way I look at my own personal finances.
  • I've worked in the wealth management industry. I strongly believe financial freedom is behavioral and is not restricted to people with high incomes. I've studied how the top 1% spend and invest their money. I've also studied where people 'lose' their money.
  • I don't give out generic advice like "Do Epic Shite"

I wanna talk to you?

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